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About us


means ‘natural-hexagon’ what the bee creates naturally for protection
we refer to it as ‘natural endurance’ – what our honey provides you and your family.

BIOSOTA is a family owned enterprise with a unique cultural blend. Originally hailing from Russia with generations of expertise in beekeeping and European bee farming, BIOSOTA combines this expertise with the unique Australian beekeeping environment.

The results? -- a rare, distinct and superior honey - unlike any other in the world.

BIOSOTA honey is cultivated with love, expertise and science. Honey is not only our passion, it’s our life ambition to engage our customers in a new conversation about what it means to eat, drink and live healthy.


We offer you the highest quality, 100% Australian made, sustainable, RAW (not-heat-treated) and affordable Manuka honey in varying levels of internationally tested MGO (methylglyoxal) strength, unique packaging and innovative ways to enjoy honey.

BIOSOTA honey is the kind of honey you’ll use every day…  in a morning lemon boost, on a scrumptious piece of toast, in a refreshing cold tea, for sports endurance training, or improving the taste and nutrients of your smoothies, snacks, cakes or to enhance the flavour of any creation.


To provide our customers:

  • Finest Australian RAW honey – Manuka, Gourmet & local area honey
  • Innovative MGO+ Manuka honey with 100% Australian Superfood ingredients 
  • Ornate packaging & presentation for exclusive gift giving
  • Distinctive honey you can enjoy everyday
  • Friendly customer service
  • 100% satisfaction & quality guarantee

We aim to satisfy our customers by selling the best products at the best prices. We are constantly innovating our range, adding new products with extra features. Engage with us to receive our newsletter or on social media for updates, recipes and new product launches. 

We have a message for our valued importers overseas: are you curious?…..

Is Australian Manuka Honey as good or better?

Your customers are curious too! They understand the quality of Australian produce, our clean-green environment and impeccable standards. Import our honey and you’ll have a market-leading quality product in taste, composition and creation.


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