You’ve tried New Zealand honey - now try 100% Australian one!

Biosota Manuka is cold extracted antibacterial honey that processed differently to normal honey which helps to retain the therapeutic and antibacterial properties of this unique honey helping to enhance, protect and actively support the body`s own defenses.

Quality Assurances for Your Satisfaction

  • Biosota Australian Made
  • Biosota USDA Organic
  • Biosota Australian Certified Organic
  • Biosota QUality Assured B-QUAL

100% Australian Grown Ingredients and Manufacture. Guaranteed.

Bees have made honey since… bees existed. Australia has been a perfect environment for producing honey since… the world has existed. European discovery has brought Australia to the prime of honey production since… 1999.

Now BIOSOTA Organics continues to provide you with the best of the Australian environment and European experience in the art of honey production.

Biosota Organics was established in 1999. Our love for beekeeping and passion for the production of the finest honey is what inspired us to create our very own label. We aspire to produce the highest quality that can only be achieved through the meticulous production process which has been developed through generations of beekeeping. We are a 100% Australian owned and operated family business.

Introducing Biosota Australian Wild Honey

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